Hi, I’m Tudor Citrik. I am in my early 20s and like most other young guys my age, I am passionate about cars. I love the smell of new car leather, and the feel of the motor under my hands. I drive my dad’s old Japanese car to work and school. I apprentice at an auto shop for one of dad’s oldest buddies. I do it to earn money for my college allowance. I may not be making much yet but my mom and dad have got my back. They have paid for my college tuition through an educational plan, so I pretty much just have to earn money to use for my personal allowance. Next year, I hope to be moving out even if my dad says the house is much too big for them and my younger sister anyway, so I need not hurry to be on my own. But I still would like to leave the nest soon to find my corner of the sky. Right now, I have found the muscle to write, and it’s going to be about my real passion: cars, and repairing cars.


There’s something about automobiles that gets me all excited. I think it’s the exhilarating mixture of power and control that gets young guys like me wild about autos. I and my friends have done races using another buddy’s souped up Impala. That old baby’s still got it in her to run races but we try not to push her too much nowadays. Although I dream to get my own new car someday, I know it will need a lot of hard work. After all, being part time auto mechanic is not going to earn me the big bucks just yet. Perhaps after I’ve done college with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I would be able to get employed at a real car company where I can apply my talent for fixing things.



At the shop, we use plenty of auto mechanic tools that I have learned to optimize really well. We use an auto-ranging digital multimeter to test AC/DC voltage and current resistance along with capacitance and the car’s frequency response and duty ratio. With this simple device, we are able to tell if there’s something wrong with your car and what can be done about the issue. The beauty of a multimeter is how it combines multiple functions in one unit. I have even bought my own small digital multimeter for troubleshooting my car and my mom’s and dad’s cars when they get knocked out for some reason.


Another device worth investing in is a jump starter. The one we have at the shop offers professional performance jump starting, delivering remarkable cranking power for more convenient and effective functionality. It’s got a long 46-inch cable that makes it easy to reach the starting points on various vehicles regardless of their size and shape.


There will be a lot more to talk about in the coming days, and I hope we can share a lot with each other. Tell me about your experiences with your cars and the common repair issues you encounter and let’s help each other out in discovering the intricate machines we own. Looking forward here!

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